A day trip in Burnham-on-Sea in North Somerset


This year because of covid19 I have decided to avoid travelling abroad and spending my Summer in Uk.

For some wrong legend, England is considered an uninteresting place to spend Summer Holidays apart the big smoke alias London or Bath or Stonehenge or Oxford.

But this is a big mistake because England is a great country to explore if you love nature, the Ocean, the green hills and flowers.


It is a location no too far from Bristol.

It is a reserve natural with a large and long beach waiting for you.

Ok ..the weather is not all the time perfect for tanning your skin…but who cares when   the colour of the Ocean with its smell and waves is so amazing.

In some moments I ask myself if this is the heaven because everything is so perfect 

The only thing you need to be very careful is the tide.

The ocean is very powerful and in this corner of the planet we have the second-highest tide in the world

It is very fast and if you get stuck in the mud you can die.

So always check the time of the tide and never venture too much far from the beach.

For the rest? buy a typical fish and chips, sit on the beach, take a breath and relax with your friends.

If you love hiking, no too far from The beach there is a beautiful countryside …and if very brave you can arrive on the top of a hill and enjoy the surroundings … and do not forget that lots of trees full of apples are there waiting to be picked up from you 

Happy English holidays!

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