A day out in Cotswold with a stop in Castle Combe , by lauraartist68 blogger

Cotswold !

What a strange word  was for me until an year ago .

But since my arrival in Bristol, I have started to explore like a sort of Indian Jones the surroundings arriving also to this magic corner of South West of England.

Guys! London is nothing when you arrive here! I do not understand why the English Government does not promote the tourism in South West of the island ! 

Everything is amazing in Cotswold ! 

Nature, the animals, the colours, the flowers, the fresh and clean air, the silence, the food !

Everything is simply perfect! 

I am in love with south-west of England .

I always say some ancestors of mine lived here in the past and they are calling me back .Maybe some Roman centurion , when they settled here for  400 long years .

Last Sunday I had a lovely walk around the parish of Castle Combe 

A small village but so full of character used also in the past for some film production .

Stephen Spielberg in 2010 filmed some scenes of his film titled ‘War Horse’ or ‘The Wolfman’ in 2009 .

In this place stress , anxiety and problems are  dissolved like a magician of Harry Potter .

Definetely i suggest an holiday or week end here ! 

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