A Visit to Oxfordshire and Wiltshire discovering the beautiful English history and culture

Many people in the world think England is just London , Oxford, Windsor Castle and Stonehenge .

This is a big mistake because England has a lot to offer if you want to disocver its history and traditions.

Since i have joined an hiking group in Bristol quite every week end i travel around south west of England discovering beautiful places .

Yesterday for example the hiking started in Ashbury , a small village between Wiltshire and Oxfordshire  .

We left Bristol at about 10.15 am and arrived at our destination at 11.30 am .

Before starting our walk ,  we had time for a coffee and a typical English cake based on  a muffin or a ginger cake in the local coffee shop of the village .

Our 12 km walk went through Uffington White Horse where we had a break for our lunch on the beautiful hills of chalk  called The Down .

We  had time also to visit a neolitic long barrow used for burials  in the middle of the countryside .

Wayland’s Smithy long barrow .

It is a very suggestive place called Wayland’s Smithy,  5000 years old . This place was used for ceremonies linking the living with the dead . The first structure here was built between 3,590 to  3,555 B.C , and over a period of less than 15 years , the remains of fourteen people were founded , included a child , inside a box .

In 1920 the rest of other people were found in the barrow.

Why this long barrow? probably the builders werer looking for a sense of hystory and a long ancestral connection to this place .

It is very similar at the Etruscan funerarian centres in Italy .

We carried  on visiting small villages this time on the border with Wiltshire , included a muddy field of sunflowers full of greedy  fesons. They are feaded for the joy of the hunters who   shot them as a sport in this season .  Quite cruel and i think this costum should be stopped as soon as possible .

During our walk , we stopped again for a cup of coffee in a pub in the village full of English traditions called  Woolstone .

This break is always important to find again the energy lost walking along the steep hills of Wiltshire and taking pictures at the beautiful houses with their traditional thatching roof.

Our tour finished  in Aldbourne ,  included a curios deviation at the house where i lived for 3 long years with my ex abusive partner .

Unfortunately the nasty chap was not at home because my 11 fellows and I  we were ready to ask him for a cup of tea !

Awaiting now for the next trip 

Thank you England and thanks my readers to subscribe at my travel blog 


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