A beautiful hiking in Devon from Beer village along the Jurassic Coast by lauraartist68

Why travelling abroad with this covid19 around? 

This Summer 2020 I have decided to spend my Summer in South West of England travelling around Somerset, Wales, Dorset and Devon.

This time I will write about an interesting walk I started from Beer village, a small town of fishermen in Devon.

Beer is one of the best English village seen until now and no too many tourists around …probably the local people try to maintain secret this location to the rest of the world! what a pity! 

I am grateful at one of my friend who suggests trips in this area because he lived here …probably without my friend I could never admire this beauty of our planet earth.

Beer is a strange name … I like it .. I love drinking beer ..but no idea if this name is connected to the production of local beer.

Once arrived my attention and view is immediately attracted by the sea, the rocks on the coast and the pebbles on the beach.

Beer is part of the Jurassic coast and I am thinking why the Lord of the Ring was filmed in New Zealand because on this coast you really expect to hear roaring an old dinosaur!

A long walk around the coast.

Naturist beaches 

There are also some beaches for naturists.

Unfortunately in England, people are still conservative and no many naturist places around …but next to Beer village you can find someone naked along this beach.

A long walk of 18 km where we have met also a farm of large, smelly and fat pigs …ohhhh what an inspiration for the pigs of my short stories titled Swimdom island! lol!

Anyway, guys, a stop in a local pub at the end of the walk is a must!

You can enjoy the natural local food, breathing fresh and clean air and enjoy the silence of nature and the colourful flowers.

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Artist, photographer ,model , blogger , creator and fashion designer based in Bristol . I live for art

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