A Sunday spent hiking with friends taking pictures at the beautiful countryside around Badminton , by lauraartist68

Enjoying the English countryside in the Southern Cotswold hills 

September is  already arrived in this strange atmosphere created by COVID 19 

But why do not spend a Sunday with friends walking  Cotswold admiring the nature, the beautiful cottages and the flowers 

Without forgetting a couple of breaks in the local pubs to drink a beer or a coffee and playing in the playground like a kid.

After years of unhappiness in London, these moments of happiness are welcomed like a blessing from God .

Cotswold is not far from Bristol 

It is an hour by car. If you decide to arrive there by bus you must travel from Monday to Saturday because there are no buses n Sundays and always check the last bus to come back because if you lose it you are lost in the countryside and must come back walking in the fields! 

Our first stop was Badminton 

Lovely cottages and flowers along our walk.

A break along the  field and then pictures at the baby River Avon!  

I am so happy to have seen the origin of the big river Avon  crossing Bristol and fighting the tide 19 mt high of the Atlantic ocean.

Everything is so perfect … 

We arrive at the end of our walk in a village called Sherston famous for its old houses built with a particular limestone rock 

Stop for an ice cream and back home relaxing, listening to the music and sleeping all night like a baby.

This is the miracle of mother nature with its hills, and the blue sky with its  white clouds.

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