How the vertical sleeve gastrectomy changed in better Valeria’ s life after being affected by obesity most of her life.

Obesity was ruining Valeria’s life 

Obesity is really a problem for many people living in the west world . A bad diet and lack of excercize can increase easily the weight of people damaging their lives .

Valeria was one of them . Mum of two kids and full time worker in a factory in Livorno (Italy)  , she had no time to dedicate herself in eating healthy food .

Most of the time a “take away” like a tasty Italian pizza was her dinner solution consumed with tons of frizzy caloric drinks shared with her two kids .

But one day while she was watching at her 105 kg ,thought it was the moment to find a solution before her health was damaged forever .

In those days , Valeria could not walk fast and swimming , running or skiing with her two kids was practically impossible .

Even working in the factory was starting to be hard for her weight because she could not stand anymore for long hours .

She was not happy with herself ! 

She avoided to watch her figure in the mirror , taking selfies and even going out with her friends was becoming a scaring experience because she knew to be judged for her large body behind her back. 

She tried several diets during the years but they were abandoned without success. 

But one day she finally met an ex over weight friend surprisingly slim and sexy . She immediately asked her what was going on and for the first time in her life the word sleeve gastrectomy entered in her life .

 Sleeve Gastrectomy can defeat forever obesity ?

Sleeve gastrectomy, also called a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, is a surgical weight-loss procedure. During sleeve gastrectomy, about 80% of the stomach is removed, leaving a tube-shaped stomach about the size and shape of a banana.

Limiting the size of your stomach restricts the amount of food you are able to consume. Moreover , this operation prompts hormonal changes that assist with weight loss. These same hormonal changes also help solving conditions associated with being obese , such as diabetes , high blood pressure or heart disease. It is possible to lose approximately 60%, or even more, of your excess weight within two years. 

After reading these pieces of informations , Valeria immediately decided to do this sort of operation and tried to arrange an appointment with a clever and known surgeon around Pisa.

She finally arranged an appointment with Dr .Anselmino at San Rossore hospital and in less than one month she was operated .

At the beginning, she was asking herself if there were some risks behind this procedure of loosing weight ? 

Gastric sleeve surgery is considered a relatively safe procedure. However, like all major surgeries, there can be risks and complications. but some of these complications can happen after almost any surgery.

Valeria arrived finally at the day of the operation.

At the beginning she was very scared but everything was fine and even better she immediately started to loose her kilos !

In eight months from the day of the operation she has lost 36 kilos ! 

Many people included Valeria ask if they can still have a normal diet.

The answer is yes ! Because the body still tolerates carb-rich and high-fat foods, even if it is important to measure the consume of them to avoid an increase of weight .

Valeria is now a new person.Finally she can wear her bikini , her trousers , summer outfits without thinking too much at the opinion of other people .

She is proud of herself when people do not recognise her for the lost of the weight. 

And one important thing …maybe the most important because she has restarted to walk fast , running after many years and she can breath properly !

Obesity kills … never forget this !

So it is better to find an alternative and safe way to become again a slim and healthy person.

 Thanks for reading 

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