An artistic amazing adventure as model and photographer

Hi everyone and thanks for visiting my website.

I am Laura known as lauraartist68 .

I have started to model in 2012 while living in London and never stopped because during this long journey i have met fabulous artists and colleagues . Soon 54 candles on my cake but proud of my age , mind and body because women can be beautiful at any age if they learn how to accept themselves without taking too seriously examples of famous models and actresses.

At the moment working free lance as life model in Newcastle upon tyne or London (for longer projects) with Academies of art , Universities or group of artists .But happy to pose worldwide using the modern technology like Zoom .

Just send me an enquire through

I love modelling and have gained lots of experience in posing.Thanks to this I am registered with several casting agencies in Uk . At the beginning I was a bit confused and surprised being in my middle age and just 5.2 tall.But soon I discovered that nowadays age and shape are not the main factor in the modelling and acting industry .Your personality and experience have finally more value than your beauty.

Therefore i have decided to start a new adventure .I will use my experience in teaching at new female models (of any age over 18 and shape) how to pose and deal with real photographers avoiding all those dangerous scams behind well known British modelling websites .Too often our newspapers have been populated by stories of rape or abuse perpetrated by those perverts hidden behind a photo camera because unfortunately those modelling websites are not checking any Id of their subscribers and anyone in that vanity fair can create dangerously a faked profile .Therefore i am here to share professional advices with those women who wants to start their modelling career.

I am also a supporting actress and worked in London , Bristol and now Newcastle for many films , BBC series , commercials and music videos. In particular I love comedy and try to keep the attention of my 35.000 fans spread on several social medias through the amazing Tiktok.


Because of my passion for photography and modelling i have decided to offer an 1.30 hour of photoshoot ( i will be the photographer using my Panasonic Lumix and giving advice on how to pose ) for only 50 pound to amateur female models or actresses in my artistic studio with a fantastic natural light and props based in Newcastle upon tyne.At the end I will offer 10 pictures edited professionally and delivered in less than 7 days to the artist electronically.

For any professional enquire send me a mail to :

Portrait and whole body

In less than a week you will receive your 10 edited pictures electronically

I love taking pictures at nature , animals, landscapes, everyday life during my travels or walks in the beautiful nature.

you can find more pictures on

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