My night in a bedroom of the Adelphi hotel , the most haunted in UK

Booking without reading the history of the hotel can bring strange surprises

It happened to me last night when the flat I had booked in Liverpool for 4 nights wrote to me saying nobody could give me the key of the flat when I arrived at 9 pm because the reception closed at 8 pm . I asked if they could leave the key to some shop nearby or guest but they declined my idea and so I had to find 8 hours before my leaving towards Liverpool a place to stay .

I found myself at 3 am quite worried and started to look on a place to stay when suddenly my attention was attracted by the amazing building of Adelphi hotel in central Liverpool .

Because I am also an experienced travel agent they offered me a double bedroom for only 50 pound with toilet and Bath included .

A good deal that I immediately accepted for my imminent departure .

The following day I took my coach from Bristol and after 5 hours of travel i arrived in Liverpool perfectly on time at 9 pm … after 10minutes walking I arrived in front of the hotel and immediately the famous hotel of Stephen King called Shining (where a crazy Jack Nicholson possessed by ghosts try to kill his wife and kid ) came to my mind !

After my check in I started to walk along the long corridors and immediately I was fascinated by the old Edwardian style of the hotel .

While walking around the corridors the elevator suddenly opened its door but nobody appeared … I was too tired to think it could be a ghost

Finally I found my bedroom number 152 and opened the door .

Immediately I felt a very cold air and asked myself if there was air conditioner on …but no AC inside the old bedroom and the windows were closed I asked myself why this cold air was direct to my neck ..but still too distracted to think at the temperature of the bedroom I went immediately to the bathroom to prepare my water with scented bubbles for an hot bath .

While the water was running to fill the bath I was organising my luggages in the room .

No more cold air on my neck and the music coming out from the Tv made me feel good and relaxed until I heard a knock at the window …i was on the first floor so I asked myself who could be at 11 pm …the windows were closed and nobody could be outside knocking at my windows at least was flying !

At that point I started to think that maybe the hotel was really haunted …so I decide to read the story of Adelphi once inside the bath enjoying the hot water with scented bubbles.

But when I read the story of the hotel I almost decided to run away as soon as I could !

Adelphi hotel is considered the most haunted in the uk !

First of all it has a long history because three hotels have been built in the same piece of land .

Then many passengers who died in the tragedy of Titanic spent their nights in the hotel before leaving towards their tragic destiny , rebuilt like a perfect replica of the first class of the smoking lounge in the far 1912.

A poor guest killed himself in one of the rooms and a 15 years old boy died in the luggage elevator when he was on duty working for the hotel .

The ghost of the guy wearing his red uniform seems still picking up the luggages to carry them around before disappearing.

There is also the ghost of a grey old lady going room by room touching the outfits of people sleeping there or a ghost of man touching the neck of people when alone in the elevator .

My senses , while sitting in the bath , were in alarm and started to think that maybe an hand could grab my feet …so unable to relax myself I left the bath but being too curious i decided to have another walk around .

This time i decide to bring my camera to take pictures at this amazing example of Edwardian architecture .

Just a few people around at past midnight as a small group of women laughing like drunk chickens in the smoking lounge recreated as Titanic .

Everything was so surrealistic !

Apart those drunk few guests , people were in their bedrooms after midnight and walking alone in those corridors made me feel unhappy ..I could feel eyes watching me .

The door of the bedroom 106 was opened but no sounds came from inside .

The few guests i met seemed possessed unable to see me !

And the door 106 was still calling me , inviting me to go inside.

I noticed it was closed five minutes before when i passed it for the first time but when I went back it was open.

Just in that moment i remembered that a couple of ghostbusters had a problem in the bedroom nearby number 105 separated from the 106 only by a thin wall .

I could feel a very strong energy …an energy that only haunted buildings can transmit to my body and mind .

In that exact moment i decided it was better to retire myself in my bedroom 152 and leave those ghosts to their destiny .

For that night I decided to leave the light on in the bathroom and I felt aslept exhausted .

I reopened my eyes at 6 am this morning .. i slept very well in that surrealistic silence to be in central Liverpool !

Surely I will not go back in that haunted hotel to sleep but glad to have had this experience

Thanks for reading .

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