Why people have their bath in winter in the cold ocean ?

Here i am presenting a few people ready to have a bath in winter in the cold ocean of Clevendon in South West of England …lots of people are ready to do this experience once or twice a week and for some of them every day .


Curious to know why they arrive to do this and their preparation to have this extreme experience ,i went with a friend in a freezing day of February to this location …my friend is part of this group of brave people .

The Atlantic Ocean is cold and the temperature can vary from 2 to 10 degrees …moreover a low temperature , the strong wind and the lack of sun can make the experience even worser .

These people must be very careful in what they are doing or can risk their life with hypothermia .

First of all they prepare themselves with cold showers in their homes for a few months to bring their body used to the cold water .

What wearing when arrives the great day in the real freezing sea .

Most of them wear a thermal suit for swimming , others instead only a swimsuit … but it is always adviced a good swimming cap to protect the ears from the freezing sea , and a good pair of thermal gloves and socks to keep fingers and toes warm .

How long you can stay in the water in these extreme conditions ?

Everyone is different but no more than 10 minutes when the water is at least 10 degrees .

If it is less than 10 degree people can not go further than 4/5 minutes or they risk hypothermia and a bad cold

At the end of their swimming they must dry their body immediately and wear layers of cloths and running as fast possible towards an hot spot like their cars to drink an hot tea or coffee to have back their normal temperature .

They feel happy after this experience and every single part of their body is energize for the adenaline created .

Time for a rest of a few days and ready to go back for a new swim

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