Discovering the amazing Cotswold

Bristol is a large city but is an amazing place to live because in less than 20minutes by car you can find yourself in the beautiful English countryside full of green and trees.

Recently I decided to do hiking on the beautiful hills starting from Wutton under Edge a vibrant town full of independent shops included the very haunted Ancient Ram Inn converted now into a private house.

The town was founded in the far 1252 on the prosperity of the wool trade connected with the rich Bekerley family oweners of the near Bekerley castle .

Some buildings have still their medieval aspect included the beautiful St. Mary’s church now surronded by beautiful spring flowers .

My hiking started from St.Mary’s church and immediately my attention was attracted by a signal advising the cars to be careful at the frogs crossing the streets.

The walk went up to the hill until a lake part of the National Trust .

During these walks in the countryside do not forget to bring your umbrella and always wear shoes waterproof because a storm can always happen.

But at the end of the thunderstorm, I was welcomed by this amazing rainbow appearing through the green hills and the grey clouds.

A great 8 km walk in the nature to restore my mind far from stress and the urban jungle.

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Artist, photographer ,model , blogger , creator and fashion designer based in Bristol . I live for art

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