Important rules for men in dating websites to have success with women.

Nowadays dating websites are very important in the life of people.

10 years ago they were seen very suspiciously by most of the people but today the same people consider them as a sort of quite safe social media.

It is not difficult to join a dating website and most of them are free.

In the past I paid a subscription to some of the most famous dating websites thinking to be more protected against scams or weird men … but after a few types of research, I discovered the same men had profiles in paid and free websites.

Practically I paid an expensive subscription to have the same result of a free website and from that moment I have decided to use only free but safe platforms.

If you are a man, there are some rules to be respected if you want to be successful

The most important thing on a dating website?


You can be the best man in the world but if the pictures are out of focus and taken with your mobile phone in front of the mirror, wearing shorts, socks and sandals forget to have a date with an interesting woman.

Avoid pictures with other women or kids.

A woman on a dating website is looking for a man who has closed with his past and is not interested to see you with your ex, or sisters, female colleagues and even your daughters.

In the pictures uploaded on these dating websites, you must show the best of yourself totally alone!

Remember that you are on a type of social media completely different from FB where people look for romantic family pictures instead!

You need a nice and original profile name to attract the curiosity of women.

For your profile name avoid a sequence of numbers or Romeo or Incredible Romantic.

It is boring! Women are not looking for standard, boring men!

You need good pictures and an original name to attract the interest of women at first.

Nowadays it is so easy to do a good selfie with a bit of photoshop using those free photo app available on your mobile phones .

If you are not good using those apps, try some experiment using the filters on Instagram.

You need to write a good introduction to appear different from the rest of dead fishes looking for their love …use your sense of humour! Women like to laugh and forget their troubles.

Just a question: why lots of men are writing in their profiles they have still all their teeth, or are good at cleaning?

Who cares if a man is good at cleaning?

Why writing you have still your teeth? A woman runs away as soon as she can once she reads this because you give the idea to be an old Egyptian mummy.

Write instead you are working hard on your muscles and are good at cooking!

Women love eating good food cooked by their man! They are able to forget also their diet!

It is important to be positive but respectful.

No woman like the sentence starting with: ‘hi sexy! ‘

This can be accepted if the woman is looking for paid adventures but if she is looking for a relationship or even a simple date avoid these materialist words!

She loves to be cuddle but Hi sexy is too much explicit …so avoid!

Even worse sending the picture of your willy!

Fortunately now most of the dating websites have banned this sort of pictures after the protests of 99% of women.

There is no interest in the picture of your proud willy … trust me

For a woman is like the dead bird brought at home early morning by your cat!

When you contact a woman on a dating website you must be very careful in choosing the right words and do not talk about your past and how sad was your relationship with your wife.

Be nice and give a sincere and positive opinion on her eyes, body or colour of hair or outfits.

But avoid telling an overweight woman she has a beautiful body because she will never believe you.

Instead focus your words on her cut of hair, type of shoes or colours of eyes.

Many women like having intelligent conversations so be a bit prepared on history, travels, art and food.

A few women are interested in your football team or your evening in the pubs with your male friends.

Do not write sad or depressed words

If you are feeling sad, it means you are not ready for a dating website yet. You need to wait until you can smile again and forget your pain!

Long-distance Relationships are very complicated so avoid them if you have no intention to relocate in the area of the woman with whom you are chatting since last year!

And also remember that women looking for long-distance relationships maybe are hiding a secret husband at home.

If you start a real conversation with a woman try to propose a date in a couple of weeks and no in a couple of hours!

You can ask also her phone number to bring the conversation to the very popular WhatsApp.

This can be a good idea also to check her pictures.

Too often these pictures are not real and you risk to go for a date expecting to meet a girl and instead at the bus stop there is a mathusalem !

A woman is usually very careful on the first date.

So do not propose a trip around in your car.

And if it should happen, before check if your car is nice and clean.

A woman doe not like men with an old rusty car, even worse dirty inside!

You will lose her on the first date!

If you have kids at home you must be sincere from the beginning and say the truth.

Especially mature women often do not wish to do the mum at your young kids.

And once you meet someone and you see the relationship can work, do not forget to delete your profile from the whole world of these dating websites.

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