Who are those bullies working behind Instagram checking and deleting pictures of people who are not their friends?


Instagram is an old social media created many years ago to share pictures … now one of the most popular platforms in the western world followed by 112.5 million users.

People spend most of their free time on Instagram arriving to ruin their own life if not stopped on time 

In the past, a few young people killed themselves to watch posts on Instagram, and now this social media is trying to be more careful in the quality of posts.

There is a war against bullies, trolls, racists, terrorists, and porn!

But Instagram is not so beautiful and perfect as it would like to appear 

I use all the other social media in the western world like Fb, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Blog, Allmylinks, and honestly, I do not have so many problems… but no on Instagram.

The bullies behind Instagram connected to the abusive ex.

I had a relationship with an abusive man for three long years where I had the awful experience to know a few of his friends …old men, hiring through a modeling website very young girls (in their late 10s)to play with them as models and photographers.

These weird old men were promising success and a beautiful career in the modeling industry at these poor ingenious girls ..in reality, they were pushing these hens to take off their outfits and play with them during these photoshoots, showing all their best bits for free most of the time.

After 10 years in the modeling and acting industry, I am very experienced and open-minded, but I do not like to see young girls, the same age as my daughter, used like stupid lolitas by a group of perverts hidden behind photoshoots, modeling websites, and a photographic studio…even worse when you can see these girls have also mental problems.

The amateur industry in England knows the names of these actors and their awful, vulgar pictures can be seen by everyone still now on Insta.

During that period, I discovered that a few of these amateur photographers are working for government offices around London and southwest of England checking phone calls and everything going on these social media for the security of the country, included Fb and Instagram.

There is not computer behind the bullying I am receiving on Instagram …there is only a human action.

I can see clearly when one of these disgusting men has a shift, use his hours at work as a troll against people he hates, I included.

Why pictures that respect the community rules are deleted without explanation?

Here one of my pictures banned yesterday 

It is a picture that is not going against the community rules and my message under the picture was funny and no offensive … moreover, I am not selling myself as a prostitute but trying to get a booking online to work as a life model.

I immediately did my appeal but I had no answer at the first moment.

Silence from Instagram when you ask explanations against its trolls paid to delete your pictures.

Then after a few hours, they wrote to me to open a case using the Oversight Board, but it is not sure they will read my protests.

The Oversight Board is quite complicated to fill and if you are not an expert you can never arrive at the end …but it is a probably loss of time because they will never read what you write if you do not know someone working for it.

Strong action against Instagram asking my rights using the appeal in the other three regulars (and no secret )profiles 

They did not answer my question but on one of my other profiles appeared the option to block an account and all the others created by the same person. A new option introduced to stop the haters and trolls.

An unusual bug stopped the function to ask for help.

 When I tried to communicate again with the team of the profile where my picture was banned using the function called ‘shake the phone, there was a mysterious bug.

Decided to arrive at the end of this story of bullying, I decided to do a screenshot of some pictures of those people working for the government and Instagram but also going around adverting themselves as professional photographers ..and I had this surprise ( i covered the face of the models) 

I reported these pictures to Instagram to see what happened, and in 2 minutes I received the message they are not going against the community and I can block the profile if I do not want to see this vulgarity of bums.

So why my pictures are banned? because I am not the author that is working for instagram ! 

Look at the difference between my banned picture and the screenshot of bum collections still around, shared on the platform where even children can see this vulgarity of women working for free or paid up to 300 a day in cash with no contract of work and visa if coming from abroad !! 

And those pictures I chose for this blog are the most innocent …you should see what this group of perverts has uploaded around..but they are protecting each other like a mafia circle behind the Instagram platform and an English modeling website.

Shame on Instagram now and forever!

Thanks for reading

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Artist, photographer ,model , blogger , creator and fashion designer based in Bristol . I live for art

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