The untouched profiles of people paid to check our posts on FB and Instagram

This picture of mine was deleted as a scam from FB and as pornographic from Instagram 


It is now an old platform created to share pictures many years ago …before the arrival of FB, it was working free from censure and nipple restrictions.

But with the event of Mark Zukerberg, Instagram has changed a lot and now there are many people complaining about its illogical rules.

First of all, you can not share any link at least you pay an ad as a professional account. 

Private accounts are not allowed to advertise their posts.

You cannot share videos of TikTok on instagram and Fb for problems of copyright.

On all other social media, you can do without any problems.

Fine Art Nude and Female nipples

Since the arrival of Fb with Mark Zuckerberg’s rules, Instagram is doing an unreasonable fuss against female nipples …and now even if you cover your nipples with hearts or stars most of the time your pictures are considered against the community rules.

Nipples are a criminal offence in the Mark Zuckerberg platforms 

If someone working for these social media put his eyes on your profiles you will have a hard life 

I am sure there is the job of humans behind the ban of our pictures and posts.

Someone reports your post, someone working for FB or Instagram check your post and delete them.

If you are not part of their circle of friends, forget to have your picture back even if you do an appeal.  

Last week my pictures were banned even if I add lovely hearts in front of my nipples and naked bum 

This happened both on Fb and Instagram 

You can see in my pictures nothing is shown and in the post I was advertising my website 

Nothing illegal …but because I have already written about the problems of the bullies working for Instagram and Fb they are trying the impossible against me 

An example of the Untouchable of FB/Instagram 

I know a guy paid to check our posts, who is taking pictures of young girls as a professional photographer 

He is not a professional photographer at all but he is allowed to brainwash girls and women thanks to his lies share on a website for amateurs models.

On that British website, people are allowed to write what they like included casting where a housewife asks £ 30/40 per hour to have a photoshoot in her bedroom or hotel room with no contract of work and paid outside that platform possibly in cash.

By the way, once I checked the profile of this guy, immediately I could see his pictures are against the community rules 

Just to see the mafia hidden behind Instagram , I have reported his pictures but the answer was : 

They are not against the community rules 


We do not have enough people to check the post you reported 

But after a couple of days, a few posts of mine with no infringement of the rules were deleted both on Instagram and FB 

Forest City / North Carolina data collection centre 

I have a legal marketplace website where I upload my pictures and painting to be transformed into mugs, canvas, or printing 

Thanks to this website I can see the statistics of the traffic and as soon as i upload something this IP address appears : 

In Forest city, there is an important data centre of fb checking our posts 

This shows maybe how we are controlled?

But let us go back to Instagram and at the picture of the untouched amateur photographer that is checking our posts

My picture with these red lovely hearts was considered against the community rules and got a ban of three days.

So why these two pictures uploaded by the amateur photographer after his photoshoots with women found on a weirdo British modelling website are still around ??

Someone can explain to the busy Mark Zuckerberg what is happening behind his back? 

The law should be the same also in the virtual world

Thanks for reading 

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