What Men should not say or do through a dating website.

How many times did a woman or a guy join a dating website hoping to find the enchanted princess or prince? 

Nowadays there are so many dating websites that it is so difficult to decide the right one.

Some of them are free, others are very expensive and others are a scam from the beginning .

These websites advertise themselves as free but once you join them you need to pay to discover who watched your profile or to have a normal conversation.

People think on paid dating websites people are better but in the end, you find the same people on free dating websites.

Maybe 10 years ago, but nowadays the subscription does not do any difference anymore.

How to start a conversation online.

It is not easy starting a conversation online if you are not experienced in writing.

Many men think that their ‘HiSexy’ will bring love immediately to the heart of a lonely woman but in reality, these words make her run as fast as she can.

Pictures are another big problem.

Most of the men do not know how to take pictures even if declare to be experienced photographers and on these dating websites it seems to be in a circus of horrors.

It is easy to see men with no clue of photography having a selfie in front of a mirror with the same expression of Spongebob after a night drinking all alone a bottle of wine in front of the telly.

Probably they are sure that a woman fell immediately in love watching at them in socks, flipflop, big belly all smiling in front of the mirror with their Spongebob expression.

Or even worse pictures taken with their drunk friends in a nightclub before the covid pandemic, or with their kids or their ex!

The profiles of these mature Spongebobs are all the same …they love walking on the beach, traveling, nature, cooking, and drinking a bottle of red wine in front of the fire on a night of cold winter.

So boring that my eyes start to close before arriving at the end of the profile !

The young guys, instead are still full of energy and hope in their future …they do not have met a greedy wife that has taken all the money in their bank account, or selfish kids studying in expensive universities or colleges.

Younger guys are better but you must fight immediately with their crazy hormones because they expect sex at the first appointment.

This could be cool but nowadays it is better to be careful no to find yourself blocked in a bed with no way to escape as the feminine version of the writer of ‘Misery must not die’ by Stephen King!

Married men and drug-addicted 

If you are lucky to start a sort of conversation with someone of the older class of men ( i mean over 48 years old) is good to ask immediately if they are married or if they take drugs. 

I have discovered lots of married men on these dating websites trying to enjoy themselves behind the back of their wives or even worse drug-addicted.

In Uk, the problems of drugs are becoming worse and worse and you can meet a heavy drug-addicted to cocaine or chemical drugs also in the highest classes of society.

I am not interested to deal with drugs and all the problems connected so i immediately switch off the conversation with this type of men confessing how they enjoy sniffing cocaine when are alone at home watching a film after a hard day of work.

Avoiding long-distance relationship in favor of local ones 

In my view, it is much better to look for someone living locally so you can check quite soon if he is real and normal.

Yea normal, because after 2 years on these dating websites I must confess to having met just 3/4 people now good friends because interesting and intelligent …but all the rest I left in the rubbish bin as a bunch of brainless fishes.

Choose an open space where you can sit and have a conversation even if it rains.

 When arrives the day of the first date it is very important to meet the guy in an open space …now the pubs or coffee shops are closed because of covid so it is important to choose a sunny day in a place where it is possible to sit and protect yourself from a sudden rain ( here in Uk we have 4 seasons in a day ) 

Silent is Gold 

The conversation must be general and the man must not talk about his ex or wives with pain or rage because the woman will be not interested …she has her own story and most of the time is not a fairytale with a happy end.

It is better to tell jokes, smiling, talking about friends, projects for the future, something about the work, and be silent most you can. 

Silent is gold, is written on one of my shirt that I am selling on www.etsy.com/shop/lauraartist68 

The man should not bring alcohol at the first appointment in a park because then he loses his control and starts to say stupid things like the strange shape of his willy that had an operation when he was a child!

Or the guy who can t sleep and watch porn all night long and ask you if one day you can see his porn films together.

Do not lie about the type of your car if you go with it on the first date.

I still remember a guy told me to look for a Mercedes car once arrived on the site …but once there I found him older than in the pictures appearing on the website and his Mercedes was just a rusty van.

Another guy lied to me saying he loved hiking but when he started to walk the day of the first date after 10 minutes asked to stop because he was tired and not used to go around. I left him in the bushes with a massive question mark on his large head. No space for liars in my life, thank you!

Pictures must be realistic also on WhatsApp, now the best alternative of dating websites.

Everyone knows that on dating websites all the conversations are checked by the team paid by the websites …so people, like myself, prefer WhatsApp to look for more privacy.

But pictures must be nice and cool from the beginning also on this modern app and avoid totally sending around pictures of your silly willy! 

Most of the women find this kind of picture ridiculous and associate your willy to the dead bird brought in the morning by your old cat after a night of adventures in the garden of your neighbors! 

 It is very important the choice of the outfits on the first date.

Now that pubs and restaurants are closed, a man must wear sporty or casual dresses, but they must be warm if the season is cold otherwise hands and mind will be frozen in an hour, and will not be able to connect himself with any normal conversation!

The last thing … if the woman is busy with her work and appears happy with her profession do not ask her if she has time for dating! 

This is a stupid question to ask …a woman knows what she is doing and looking for …even if she is busy, a woman can find, thanks to the nature of her mind also a space for dating ..and honestly a man is no more seen nowadays as the best choice of a woman‘s life ..he is just a nice ornament for her house! 

I personally use dating websites no to look for the enchanted prince but to find hylarius and brilliant ideas for my blog or comic books.

Thanks for reading.


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