A walk along the River Wye in Wales to celebrate the end of the lockdown

After days and days spent at home working hard, a walk-in nature is always welcome … I walked a lot of steps around the parks of Bristol during this lockdown but an excursion outside the city with friends is always welcome …moreover, if it is Wales is even better!

Wales is one of those 4 country parts of the United Kingdom, full of history and traditions.

Travelling by public transport from England to Wales 

It is not far from Bristol by public transport … bus or trains are not so expensive as travelling to London but if you do not have a car you can arrive just at the main locations.

Fortunately, in my last year in Bristol, I have met such lovely people and many of them own a car … so if we decide a walk in the nature around Bristol, we can use their car and arrive in location a bit more remote than Cardiff or Swansea.

I love walking and in Summer is amazing.

You can enjoy the sun on your skin while you are spending your walk in an uncontaminated nature and thinking you are in heaven.

So last week when my friends invited me to join them for a walk along the River Wye I decided immediately to go.

River Wye Valley 

This location is in the south of Wales and it is along the River Wye.

There are beautiful river falls but unfortunately for the past hot springs, most of them are completely dried now. ..anyway still suggestive for a walk or for a picture.

Our walk went very well crossing beautiful forests full of secular trees and lovely animals like squirrels and curious birds.

Sometimes I was thinking those trees were strictly connected with the Celtic legends and the magician of their fairytales.

We could see also ants working like crazy around their big nest in old fallen trees 

Tasting juicy wild strawberries and other fruits we could eat for the experience of our tour leader for natural food .

Tinter Abbey  

It was very interesting to discover the old Tinter Abbey in Monmouthshire.

The Abbey fell into ruin after the Dissolution of the Monasteries in the 16th century. Its remains have been celebrated in poetry and painting from the 18th century onwards.

Wales is an amazing place to visit and even to live.

If you can work from home or retired. you can buy a house in Wales at a very good price, much less expensive than nearby England.

There are lots of peace and silent and if you look for a place to do a bit of meditation and long walks, Wales is the right place for you.

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