A day out in Devon walking around Otterton and Labran bay

Devon is a county in South West of England.

It is known for its natural beauty but also for the laziness of its inhabitants and the fact they are not welcoming people who are not born in that region.

In my view is an amazing place to visit but no to live.

I could never live with whom supported Brexit.

Anyway today I decided to have a walk along the Ladram bay with my friends from Bristol.

I left my city at 9 am to arrive in Otterton at 11 am.

Otterton is a small village full of traditional brick cottages and flowers.

Once arrived I had, first of all, a break with coffee even if I had to queue for 40 minutes for the barista working slower than a turtle 🐢!  lol 

While walking towards the bay my attention was captured by the impressive tall red rocks.

So impressive those natural monuments in the ocean that you feel so small and fragile.

It is a place very touristic that calls every year lots of British tourists …but with my great disappointment, I discovered today a beach full of seagulls and people even if we have still COVID killing around.

Still, now I am often asking why the English are not respecting any rule as social distance and face mask and prefer to die like ants? how many ?? more than 45.000 and are bringing the infection all around the world thanks to their holidays.

Look at my picture ..even if we must keep the distance the beach is full of people ignoring any rule ..pretty selfish and disgusting!

Fortunately, no rubbish left around because this is another big problem. 

The so-called educated English are going to enjoy themselves on the sand filling their belly with beer and bacon but leaving behind plastic and even human liquid .how we can call them? lazy cows? Like the cows, I met today during my walk in the countryside? Probably this sweet animal loves nature and had more respect for it than those unrespectful zombies.

For example, now the council of Weston super mar has decided to fine who is leaving the rubbish on the sand ..but surely it will be another rule written on the newspaper but nobody will respect it.

The new generation of English are not so educated and honest how they would like to appear ..so behave and be careful if you decide to come to visit this country to avoid bad surprises.

Anyway, after a break on the seaside my friends and I decided to have a 12 km walk around.

The landscape was amazing and breathtaking.

Unfortunately, we did not see any dolphins and whales but I was drunk by the clean air entering inside my lungs.

In some moments I forgot to be in England.

It was hot and sunny and the herbs around were smelling so strong that I thought to be again in Italy along the coast of my city Livorno .

Sometimes it is so strange how our mind works especially after a hard moment like these 4 months of lockdown.

It is like our mind does not want to accept the present in favour of the past because it does not see any future.

We walked fast but looking around to discover the beauty of the place like these amazing flower.

It was very strange no to see any bee ..usually, there are lots of bees in Uk but probably they keep themselves far from the wind of the ocean.

Great moments and great photos to remember forever these moments 

At the end of our tour, we walked along the Rover Otterton and could see lots of big trouts showing how clean is the water of that place .

I really enjoyed the walk and hope to go back sometimes in the future.

I do not know when but I hope one day to be again along this beautiful coast .

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