Too many scams behind dating websites … but easy to avoid them with a few rules

Dating websites

Dating websites are very common nowadays .Thanks to them people can date at every age . By the way there are some rules to follow to avoid troubles and scams .

Too often we watch on tv people destroyed by a faked relationship who have drained their bank accounts.

Personally I have used for several years a few dating websites and I am happy here to give a few advices.

First of all i suggest to date people of your area.

After a few days of chatting a meeting in a pub or public space can be a good idea in order to see how is going in the real world with the person you like. Sometimes the pictures are not real and the person can be older or fatter than in those photos. A few times i met men who had mental problems or people who had filled their profiles with lies . It can be very disappointing so it is better to check in the early stages of the conversation.

Avoid long distance relationships.

Too often men or women join dating websites because bored of their partner and you could be just a toy to entertain those cheaters .

Do not send any money if requested because 99% of them is a scam.

If the person who spend a few hours chatting on these dating websites suddenly start to ask money for some reason, it is a scam . They can create faked profile also on zoom and in those occasions you are talking to a picture instead than a real person.

They are good actors and see you just a bank account . They do not care of you .They take advantage of your love and you will loose all your money if you enter in this game .

If you are still recovering by a previous relationship await a few months before joining a dating websites.

Too often the need of love bring people to commit so big mistakes that they will regret for the whole life . Scammers never will give back your money even if they promise to send back your money in two weeks time.

I have used “plenty of fish”and “Match” dating websites where i met good friends but also lots of useless liars .

Bumble instead is my favourite .

In this website women are the first one to contact men and usually the website allow only conversations with local people if you do not upgrade the subscription .You need to be patient and wait before putting your heart in the hands of someone .

Beware of young partners if you are over 55 .

If you are a middle age woman and suddenly a beautiful toy boy appears in your messages be careful . They can be there for sex with a mature woman or for money . Do not be naif . If they disappear suddenly for weeks it means they have another life and you are there to pay for their bills.

Be optimistic , positive but realistic and no stupid .

During the first dates do not talk too often of your ex or kids . Keep you conversation alive with sense of humour , laugh and travel experiences .Do not forget to say you have some animal living with you .

Not everyone can accept a relationship with a man if he has a flat full of pitons !

By the way guys the fairy tales exist on these dating websites. Thanks to bumble i have met last year my viking as soon as i arrived in Newcastle upon tyne to start a new life and after one year we have started to live together .

Thanks for reading

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