STOP Harry and Meghan complaining about their super rich but boring life

Harry is still behaving like a kid 11 years old .

He has really reached the bottom with his pathetic shows on Netflix and now his book . Moreover his declaration about killing 25 Talibans in Afghanistan has increased the disgust in people towards him and Meghan .

Someone considers his action a crime against humanity .

He is super rich and should enjoy his life in California instead of thinking at his family in the Uk and revenge.

His heart is full of jealousy and hate towards William and his father He has ruined everything in his life before the marriage with Meghan supporting him in this game like a malicious crow on the left shoulder.

He really needs urgently a clear mental health support before something wrong happens .

He has betrayed his family.

He has betrayed his home country .

He has betrayed the memory of his mother .

he has betrayed the memory of the Queen.

He has betrayed the British soldiers .

He is really in need of mental heath support.

Meantime i can only shout : God shame the man !

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Artist, photographer ,model , blogger , creator and fashion designer based in Bristol . I live for art

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