Rules to be a professional life model

I am an experienced life model and always happy to give a few advices to people who decide to start this amazing professions.

Rule number 1 : Nudity

You need to be comfortable with your nudity because most of the time you are posing naked in the middle of a room with people never met before

Rule n2 : warm room

If you pose in a room in Uk during winter you need a couple of heaters to keep you warm especially during long poses .Do not start if there is not heating otherwise will be very painful ..and remember to warm up your muscles with a bit of stretching before starting.

Rule n3 : do not dare difficult poses

If you do not know your muscles. It is better starting with simple poses and it is always better to have a try in front of a mirror at home.Do not dare too much stretching your neck or feet otherwise you need to stop the pose for a rest ,annoying the artists . Better easy poses without forget to add your emotions like a story to tell .

Rule n 4 : do not drink or eat too much

Have a small lunch before starting a drawing session otherwise it will be painful posing in a silent room with your belly full of air . if you need to go to the toilet remember to wash yourself.

Rules n.5 : speak with your artists

During your break , do not forget to cover your naked body with a dressing gown and then go around to admire the work of your artists because it is nice to see the different versions of you in a particular pose .If they are friendly and interested take their instagram address and do not forget to tag them if you upload a picture of their artwork.

But if they are not happy about social medias just upload the picture without giving too many explanations of the drawing session because probably they want to keep their work private .

Rule n6 : ask to be paid fairly for your work.

Too often when i was living and working in London , i have seen organisers booking new life models without giving them a single penny because beginners . You are working and the organiser is being paid for your poses .So ask to be treated like a respectful artist .

Rule n .7 : Be happy

Enjoy your session and maybe try to draw or painting another model .

Thanks for reading.

All the pictures ( apart the last drawing )are by lauraartist68 taken in her private studio in Newcastle upon tyne.If you wish to have a new portfolio i can offer special prices and teaching also how to pose .

To get in touch write to

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