Serious tips to become a successful photo model far from amateur modelling websites that have ruined this amazing work

Why does a woman decide to become a model? 

Easy money? Success? Attention? Easy work? Easy life? 

All of this is a legend … just a few women in the world become supermodels.

Instead, if you decide to be a model you need lots of commitment and respect towards restricted rules that gradually will bring you towards the success.

That easy money promised on modelling websites as purple port or similar could be called a scam.

Young girls join them thinking to become famous but at the end find themselves posing naked in erotic poses for pensioners in hotel bedrooms ready to take pictures at their best bits. 

These women advertise themselves through these websites in castings where arrive to ask £30 per hour or £300 for 8 hours and no contract of work is signed! Nobody cares about liability insurance just in case the model hurts herself and tax office to declare the earning at the end of the year.

But all these women will remain just the models of purpleport posing for excited pensioners or useless nerds.

If you want to be a model, a professional one, you need to sign a contract with a modelling agency and starting to work for real artists, photographers, stylists, brands.

But remember that a professional agency does not ask money in advance for the first photoshoot …usually, this sort of agencies are scams and they disappeared once you paid for your pictures.

Model of beauty in 2021 

A successful model can be size 20 and be 5.3 tall 

Nowadays there is work for everyone but must be found the right strategy to arrive there. 

Before a model should be like a barbie but today a model can be a fashion model, hair model, hand model, acting model, feet model, fitting model so stylists and artists need any age and shape.

Another important step is visiting the local studios trying to understand the reality in the modelling work in the place where you live… but ruin as soon as you can if the local photographer suggests you amateur modelling websites! You will ruin your career to work naked for pensioners with no contract and liability insurance! 

No famous modelling agency wants scandals through their models!

Obviously, the biggest cities are the best to find the best work!

In UK , I suggest London, Manchester and Birmingham.

At the beginning of the career many models must be ready to work for free to add professional pictures to their portfolio …this can be great but the model must always remember to sign a contract where it is explained the use of the pictures.

Copyright and the abuse of certain photographers towards young or unexpert models.

Many photographers are going around saying the pictures are their property without caring of the model even if this little poor thing posed for him three or four hours! 

But even if the model worked for free, there must be a contract signed by her where everything is explained clearly included the use of her pictures.

Remember : 

If the photographer does not allow the use of the pictures there is no sense to work with him …it is only a waste of time! A front-page on those modelling websites doe not open the door at the success! You need to be known and your pictures are the weapon to arrive there!

Moreover in the contract must be explained how many pictures are promised. For a couple of hours of work at least 20 edited pictures must be given to the model!

For this, it is important everything is explained and signed before any photoshoot to avoid a war for 5 pictures! 

No show in the modelling world must be avoided!

A person is organizing all the day for the event and a no show is something really rude. If you can not attend or change your mind at least 24 hours before must be advised the other person.


In the contract signed before the photoshoot must be written also the level of the shoot to avoid surprises. If during the photoshoot the photographer asks the model to pose nude, the model must have the choice. She is not obliged to pose nude if she does not want! If she decides to take off her lingerie she must be paid more and she must ask the money she feels are right for her.

Obviously, everything must be recorded and presented to the tax man when it is the moment.

Safety tips.

 I advise leaving the address of the shoot to a friend or family member. Sometimes a chaperone is accepted but be careful with jealous boyfriends! 

If the shoot is outdoor is very important to have the name of the location and once arrived in the place a visit in a local pub or coffee is always suggested… people are always curious to see a model around and a model has the possibility to say around what she is doing there to protect herself from any advance or abuse by the photographer.

It is always better to be careful with whom we work even if there are lots of positive feedbacks in the profile of the photographers

Faked references on modelling websites. 

Unfortunately on these modelling websites lots of models do not write the truth because are scared to lose their work or have a relationship with the man! 

A photoshoot must be planned in advance 

This is a very important aspect to know the type of outfits, makeup, lingerie, shoes and props to bring with you.

I always advised sharing with the photographer a board using the social media called Pinterest to choose poses, props and makeup.

Social media 

 Fb, Instagram, Twitter, Google can be very good to meet people and share the work but also on them you need to be careful in sharing personal information like phone number or address.

Moreover, in social media some trolls enjoy to destroy the reputation of serious artists so I always suggest no to upload too many information around, including the tag of the artists with whom you worked.

Still, now i have a female psychopath of Swindon with crazy hair and outfits who declares to be a sex worker spying my work and trying to ruin my reputation because she can t arrives at my levels. And this is just an example!

Studio work 

If you work in a studio ask in advance if there is a toilet, a shower, a changing room. 

A shower is very important if you must do a bodypainting.

I found myself going around London painted like a tiger under my outfits.

It was quite strange and also painful because when the paint was dried I feel the irritation all around my body skin. 

Last thing 

It is not nice, especially at the beginning of the career, change yourself in front of the eyes of the photographer …this is mainly the rule for the photographers of those modelling websites but no for a professional model! 

You should have your own place.

Thanks for reading 

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