Why i have decided to sell vintage and old items on etsy.com

Since the start to the first lockdown i decided to open several websites to sell different kind of items .

One of them is www.etsy.com/shop/lauraartist68

At the beginning i was more focus on shopify probably because the company invests more in advertising the platform on social medias.

But after 6 months i realised shopify was drying my wallet without giving me anything back.

So i decided to close my website there and use free platforms .

Since that moment I am on redbubble , spreadshirt, teeser for my fashion brand .

On Redbubble : http://www.redbubble.com/people/lauraartist68

Instead for my old and vintage items i have two profiles on ebay and one on etsy.

They are both good platforms but on etsy there is more interest towards art than eBay and i like dealing with people who create or love art like me .

I have already sold in less 3 months old books , vinyls , old newspapers and vintage items like the old oil lamp yesterday. I am not paying any ad on google as it was happening on shopify instead.

This is the last arrival on my etsy shop selling for just £380 ! it will be delivered through Royal Mail with a tracking number and with an insurance.

Shopify is really the worst platform i could choose .

If you do not pay a Shopify expert , plus your $29 dollar a month , your website is in the shadow.I tried to use google ad , but google is doing the worst to complicate your life and often they shut down your profile if you do not follow their restricted rules.And forget any help from shopify if you are not ready to pay one of their expert .

Instead if you use etsy authomatically your items are going on google because they are thinking at it .The only thing you need to work well is the choise of SEO words.

More you add good seo words more your item is in the top of the list in google search.

When you sell something on etsy , the payment is immediate and is not going to paypal.

Etsy keeps a small percentage on the sale and send the rest to your bank account in a couple of days .

Just remember that for every item pubblished on the website you have to pay 20 cent.

On ebay instead is free if you are an individual .

Instead if you are a professional the costs of eBay are higher than Etsy.

Amazon is out of my mind .

Amazon is using people and is very expensive

I tried to open a shop there but it is complicated and has an arrogant system .

For a fake complain they can shut down your shop in a few hours without caring of your life , money and business.

It will never happen to me because i will never open a shop on Amazon .

If you google around you can find lots of free platform that are giving more than amazon or at least the same .

If not free, these platform are surely easier and most respectful towards your shop than Amazon.

Etsy is one of them .

Thanks for reading and following me

Published by lauraartist68

Artist, photographer ,model , blogger , creator and fashion designer based in Bristol . I live for art

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