Starting to paint and selling your artworks at any age by lauraartist68

How many times you listen to these words :

I can not do this because I am too old!

Really ?? Why a stupid number should be so important?

The age brings experience and the ability to avoid the same mistakes, so do no get stuck for the wrong stereotype of our world.

I started painting 3 years ago in the middle of an emotionally abusive relationship.

I was at home isolated in the countryside every weekend. So I decided to buy colors and paper and painting flowers trying to be positive in doing something new.

I loved immediately to reproduce colourful flowers found in the garden on my paper or white canvas.

I started with watercolours but then i preferred acrylic colours.

It was fantastic. It was a powerful feeling.

My passion grew day after day.

And after a few months, I was brave.

I started to place my paintings on auction houses and websites like

People liked my paintings and bought them.

I could not believe !! But it happened! I sold around the world almost 50 paintings.

I sold my paintings everywhere in the world

But if you want to gain credibility you need to do exhibitions too.

Otherwise, your name will be always unknown to the rest of the world.

I know brilliant artists but their work will stay secretly stored in their cottage because they will never exhibit around.

I was living in London and art galleries are very expensive.

But I found a good solution through the Art trails or open studios.

They are connected to the area where you live.

You pay a small amount of money to the organizers and you have the possibility to exhibit in your own home or in common spaces with other artists.

I exhibited in London twice, in Bristol, in Swindon, and hopefully soon in Bristol again.

I advise to google around to discover these cheap artistic opportunities.

Also, Pop ups galleries are cheap and valuable solutions.

But a few people are scared to exhibit their artworks

They feel vulnerable.

This is wrong ! Nobody has the right to judge your work and … if it happens? you are not killed.

Art is open to everyone!

So start to paint and share your works for a better world.

Published by lauraartist68

Artist, photographer ,model , blogger , creator and fashion designer based in Bristol . I live for art

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