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I travelled a few years ago in Argentina inspired by the film of Evita and the great football player Armando Maradona.

I wanted to visit Buenos Aires, the cemetery where rests Evita, and have a look at the famous El Caminito with its colourful buildings.

I was prepared at the beauty of the country, but in the end, it was better than I expected !!!

The travel started from the airport of Roma Fiumicino with Iberia airline

The travel was fine and the time flew by quite well.

It was a night flight and it is always better especially if you are around with young kids like me at that time, travelling with my 4 years old daughter

Once arrived in Buenos Aires I was welcomed by an incredible warm air.

It was still February in Italy, so this warm air on my skin was really very beneficial

WE spent a couple of days in Buenos Aires visiting all around the city

Most of the time walking or using local and cheap taxis.

Anyway, I advise being a bit careful during the night if you go around and possibly leave your documents and money in the safe of your hotel bedroom.

Buenos Aires is a very beautiful and elegant city and its aspect is very European or better Italian.

Sometimes I forgot to be in South America and I just remembered when I saw people sitting at the tables outside the bars and drinking their mate, typical drink of Argentina

Everywhere you could see ads advertising tango or events based on the popular dance

At the end of the third day, we flew to Ushuaia called the last city of the world or La ultima ‘Ciudad del Mundo ’

Once arrived in Ushuaia we were welcomed by a cold wind

Ushuaia is not far from the south pole so bring with you thermal clothes even if it is Summer.

In Ushuaia, I had the best parrilla libre of all my travel

Still, now I remember the enthusiasm of my daughter in eating different tasty pieces of her parrilla libre.

It was the best meat ever eaten in my life! No joking!

Argentinian meat is so soft, that you do not need a knife to cut it.

Sometimes it is enough a fork.

In Argentina, there are also lots of fish, in particular big prawns, but most of it is exported abroad.

The locals prefer eating meat! Just remember when you go to the restaurant you do not order too much because the portions are very large and you can waste your food.

During our stay in Ushuaia, we did a cruise across the channel, we went to visit an abandoned prison transformed into an interesting museum and we did some local shopping.

Do not forget to go to the post office to have printed on your passport the stamp of Ushuaia as the last Ciudad of the world!

After a couple of days, we took another flight for the famous cruise among the glaciers.

Still, now I remember the strong wind when the boat was going nearer and nearer the massive Perito Moreno.

If you do not have children travelling with you, I advise hiking on the glacier ( but be honest with your physical preparation and outfits )

I always suggest to talk with professional local guides and ask everything before going towards an adventure that could become a tragedy.

Do not forget to sign always some honest travel insurance before any travel

It was very suggestive cruising among the glaciers.

Different shapes, different colours, different iceberg

I booked the excursion from Italy because travelling with my little girl and I wanted to be sure of the quality of the guides

But if you can, buy these excursions locally.

You can save lots of money and receive also a better service.

Before leaving I waited for about 30minutes to see a piece of the Perito Moreno falling into the frozen water.

Still, now I remember its creepy sound and the power of nature.

At the end of our 2 days, we took a flight to go to Peninsula Valdez.

People do not realize how big Argentina is.

I still remember we woke up in a very foggy morning and there was the risk to have our flight cancelled.

So I asked my tour guide if we could rent a car to go to the Peninsula Valdez but she looked at me surprised telling me I had to travel a few days before arriving at my destination.

Fortunately, the sun came out and we finally arrived at the Peninsula Valdez.

It was a great experience, especially for my daughter.

It is a natural reserve for animals and we could see a busy colony of penguins.

People think penguins are nice animals.

Well, this is a legend.

They can be very aggressive, especially with kids when they run towards the animals.

My daughter was almost attacked by one of them while she was just walking along her way. Poor girl! She was saved by a ranger who run to kick off the crazy penguin!

Honestly, it was a really hilarious scene

We did an amazing excursion also with a boat around the rocks to see the sea lions with just born babies, and the giant, bad-smelling sea elephants

Unfortunately, we could not see any whales because February is not the right season.

But if you go when the whales are around you can really see scenes like this in the picture. The power of mother nature is always around in Argentina!

We were lucky with the penguins.

They were ready for their departures

Think that penguins stay in the oceans for months without touching any land !!

At the end of our days in the Peninsula Valdez, we took again our flight to Buenos Aires.

But we stayed only one night in our hotel because the following early morning our flight towards Rome was waiting for us.

It was two weeks long travel but enough to visit the most important touristic locations in the country.

It was not expensive because prices in Argentina are good and if you can buy the essential services in your home country but local excursions.

I just regret to have missed the beautiful Iguazu’s waterfalls in the north of the country.

But I was travelling with my daughter and there was the risk to contract malaria and her doctor advised me to avoid.

But again, if you travel alone or with grown-up friends, do not miss them.

Some people say they are better than the waterfall in Venezuela.

I can not judge because I have not seen both of them, unfortunately

Thank you for reading

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