World Mental Health Day 10 October

World Mental Health Day on 10th October.

World Mental Health Day is observed on 10th October every year to increase the attention towards the issues with mental problems and give support to whom is in need.

As a survivor of 3 years of emotional abuses, I am very active to promote this awareness trying to convince people in my previous situation to look for help.

Physical abuses are visible but unfortunately, emotional abuses are often hidden and the person who received them is often not believed or too scary to denounce the fact.

The offender is a sadistic liar but apparently a perfect friend and a family man ready to change his horrible face once at home to torture the victim without pity.

Our societies should start to consider emotional abuses as a crime and the offenders should go to prison for years to stop this enormous problem.

Too often we have strange suicides without an apparent cause. But remember that behind every suicide there is always a trauma inflicted by someone towards the victim.

Too often the victim, like myself, is also shy or scared or totally confused to go to his GP or call the Samaritans or the Police to denounce the problem. 

Mental health problems bring enormous changes in your life if not helped as they should. 

Because of depression or panic attacks or loss of confidence, many people, both female and male, find themselves without a job and a home to stay increasing the number of homeless, suicides and even homicides. Too often the victims of emotional abuses prefer to kill themselves than running away from their offenders because they think our society is not ready to help them.

On the other side, there are unfortunately still too many people here in Uk cheating the system with lies about their mental health to get benefits.

Quite common, for example in the amateur English modelling world, a few housewives and weird models, are denouncing faked mental problems, just to have more attention and more photoshoots confirmed. Most of them are so clever in declaring their faked problems who received also benefits for their lies!

This kind of people, totally unrespectful towards the society, should be condemned and sent to prison once discovered!

The COVID, our enemy.

Anxiety, lost of jobs, lockdown, and the terror to find themselves homeless has increased a lot the number of patients.

The Government apparently seem to help people in difficulty but too often, once you start to read the rules to get the help you deserve, you discover to be forgotten by whom should help you.

In my case, I have not received a single pound from Boris for a strange formula connected to my work as self-employed and PAYE employed …and lots of other people in the art industry are completely forgotten like myself. Thousand of people signed also a petition but Westminster rejected any discussion considering our request to cancel the 50% gap as inappropriate. I am lucky to have found the energy to recreate all my life but for many people, this lack of help is the start of the end.

Mental health problems can be discovered in the elderly as dementia but also in children and the schools must be more active in helping the whole family of the child.

At the end of all my reflections, I just ask you to donate tomorrow to those associations who are doing a great job in your country to help people with mental issues and please, if you see yourself or friend or family member or colleague different, be brave enough to speak about it with someone who can help.

You could save a person to commit suicide ( you included )

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