Another walk along the River Avon in South West of England , by lauraartist68

More I live in Bristol and more I love to discover the countryside around the city.

 Last Saturday I decided to travel with my friends by train from Temple Meads station to Bradford-on-Avon.

A bit scary to take the train with this covid19 around but I really enjoyed the travel after 5 months of lockdown.

Once arrived at the station we met the rest of the group and we started the long walk around the countryside.

The first stop was in a pub in the village of Westwood where it is possible to taste good local cider called Ilford.

Along the walk we met lots of cows included a crazy bull ready to attack us …the risk of the walk in the countryside, lol .but so beautiful animals they are .Unfortunately thei futuire will be not very happy a few months they will be killed and transform in steaks and hamburgers 

Flowers, hills, rivers, all around during the walk 

If you love nature this corner of England is really the best for you.

Finally we arrived then at the medieval castle of Hungerford to visit its ruin .Another step in the past .I was feeling like in Winterfall of Game of Thrones !

Quite interesting but prepare yourself to pay a ticket if you wish to visit it.

Then again a long walk up to the Ilford Manor House …everytime I visit these places I ask myself who are the lucky people to live in those beautiful and historical buildings 

Simply a corner of paradise.

Our walk continue up to Avoncliff where I have the possibility to admire again the original narrowboats along the canals .

Do not forget I lived on my narrowboat called Summer Place for 2 years cruising along the canals of London and feeling every time nostalgic about my boat now sold .

It is not an easy life if you decide to live on a narrowboat full time outside a marina mooring .

But it was my choise because mooring are very expensive in London and i will never  not regret that experience because I have learnt how many resources I have in myself and how strong mentally and physically can me .

Try to imagine this little woman managing a monster 12 meters long ( 39 feet in England ) of steel and wood with ropes, hammer and coal …but I did and it was great! 

After our second break-in another pub, we arrive finally at the 

station of  Bradford. short visit at one of the Anglo-Saxon church of the country …1000 years of history under my eyes 

Even if I am Italian and in my country, there is lots of history, I am always impressed to see old buildings part of a culture far from the Italian one .

It is like a real book of history in front of me 

I can say: wow ! so it is true what I studied in the books of history at the university ! the Anglo-Saxons really lived here! 

A short journey by train back to Bristol and end of the day .

Heart full of joy, relax the mind and tired legs .

But surely ready for another walk around this corner of England 

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